A Bit About Us

The Cheeses all share a passion for understanding fundamental mechanisms that govern cell division. We also like give freezes, fridges and centrifuges cheese names, and we periodically set the lunch room on fire.

Meet The Team

Iain Cheeseman
The Big Cheese

Zak Swartz
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Zak is broadly interested in cell biological aspects of oocytes, fertilization, and early development. He also enjoys playing music, cooking, and the ocean.

Ally Nguyen
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Ally loves turtles, snowboarding, and hiking with her dog. Ally is interested in identifying the specific genetic requirements for cell division that differ across cell types, cell states, and among organisms and investigating how these differences influence disease, development, and evolution.

Mary Jane Tsang
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Mary Jane likes warm weather, salty food, and korean tv. She studies the role of the spindle assembly checkpoint in regulating mitotic progression and its potential implications in cancer.

Kuan-Chung Su
Post-doctoral Powerhouse

Kuan-Chung likes sports and uses CRISPR/Cas9 approaches to study mitosis.

Alexandra Navarro
Graduate Gargantuan

Alexandra enjoys watching movies that make her cry, cooking Mexican food, and dreams of one day meeting Oprah and Michelle Obama. Her work focuses on understanding the regulation and dynamic nature of inner kinetochore organization throughout the cell cycle.

Nolan Maier
Graduate Gargantuan

Nolan enjoys crafting killer Halloween costumes and eating at the most hole-in-the-wall Indian food venues possible. His research focuses on the molecular functions of meiosis-specific kinetochore proteins and how these proteins contribute to the specialized divisions of gametes.

Gunter Sissoko
Graduate Gargantuan

Jimmy Ly
Graduate Gargantuan

Brittania Moodie
Terrific Technician

If you were a cheese, which cheese would you be?

Current Cheeses:

Iain: Fromage Affinois
Kuan-Chung: Cream Cheese
Zak: Scamorza
Nolan: Pepper Jack
Alexandra: Nacho Cheese
Mary Jane: I’ll be boring and say Mozzarella
Gunter: G.O.A.T. cheese, aka Greatest Of All Time cheese. ūüôā
Ally: Brie
Brittania: The only cheese I eat is Cheddar cheese

Stinky Cheeses:

Mathijs: Edammer
Julie Welburn: Rocamadour
Sasha: Emmental
Jens: A stinky German cheese (apparently, they’re all like that)
Karen: Mac and Cheese
Tomomi: Mozzarella
Chelsea: Ouray
Scott: Easy Cheese
Charlotte: Gorgonzola
Florencia: Pecorino
Tonia: Sharp Cheddar
Sanne: Old Amsterdam
Kara: Brie
David K.: Well, now that I have my sense of smell back, it might change
Ian W.: Pepper Jack
Julie Monda: Provel
Leah: Handkäse
Lily: Gouda
Claire: Manchego

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