Former Lab Members

We are honored to have had so many awesome people work in this lab that went on to do even more awesome things. They have contributed amazing science, stories, and enriched our daily vocabulary (with words including “Jens-ing” lable-ing” and “Lab Suzan”)!

Charlotte Pennings
Currently a graduate student with Hein te Riele

Chelsea Backer
Currently a medical student at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine

David Kern
Currently a post-doc with Steve Brohawn at UC Berkeley

Florencia Rago
Currently a post-doc at Novartis

Ian Whitney
Sold out to the man – i.e. currently work at Roche

Jens Schmidt
Currently an Assitant Professor at Michigan State University

Julie Welburn
Currently a Group leader at the Wellcome Trust Centre for Cell Biology at the University of Edinburgh

Julie Monda
Currently a post-doc with Eric Bennett at UCSD

Kara McKinley
Currently a post-doc with Ron Vale at UCSF

Karen Gascoigne
Currently a Scientist at Genentech

Mathijs Vleugel
Currently an Associate Editor at Nature Protocols

Sanne Boersma
Current a graduate student Marvin Tanenbaum at the Hubrecht Institute

Tonia Tsinman
Currently a graduate student at UPenn

Tomomi Kiyomitsu
Currently an Assistant Professor at Nagoya University

Scott Foster
Currently a post-doc at Genentech

Sasha Targ
Currently a medical student at UCSF